Cafe  Gruesome 1042


14th Jul 2021, 3:03 PM

This is ridiculous something just has me unable to work on the comic anymore.
I'm not happy about it and I'm going to keep trying wish me luck.

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15th Jul 2021, 11:54 AM

I have a setup for the end of the comic and it has been ticking in the background for a while in two ways.


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14th Jul 2021, 6:25 PM

Cafe Gruesome has had quite an impressive run. You might be experiencing something similar to 'writers block'.

I hesitate to suggest this outright,but here goes anyway:

Perhaps it is time you wrote up a proper ending for Cafe Gruesome. It has lasted well over a thousand episodes, and has been around for quite a number of years.

You could either start anew with a different comic idea, or just retire the comic, whatever takes your fancy. Continuing on seems to attract that Santa fellow that doesn't even understand how Cafe Gruesome operates nowadays. they have come far from their original beginnings.

I recommend you take some time off Cafe Gruesome, and decide what you want to do about it, and even decide if you want to try a totally new comic idea, with fresh characters and concepts that don't quite fit into a fantasy dungeon setting.

Whatever path you choose, I wish you a happy and proper future for future directions, Cafe Gruesome has had an awesome run so far and while I feel it should continue, if you decide otherwise, I will understand and accept that.

Good fortune, Exile, no matter the path chosen! :D

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8th Oct 2021, 7:08 PM

Well this looks like the ending then! Croag will take the Eatthogs forever to even make a dent in, and I can't imagine a more fitting ending than this for Cafe Gruesome. They're just dealing with more customers, may they continue on for a long time to come, comics or not.

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