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30th Mar 2011, 4:30 AM

I'm not sure what the dungeons owner will think of this Kobolds are high on the owners favored monsters list.

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30th Mar 2011, 8:23 PM

Would the secret ingredient come from the random encounter tables, then?

"Ooo... Mind Flayer!" -to the voice-over guy- "A famously stringy ingredient, Mind Flayer is one of the most feared and beloved planar dishes..."

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4th Apr 2011, 1:26 PM

Shh, don't give it away. How do you think I find half this stuff, it's all from random tables man.

I only just realised there were some comments for the Iron Chef story so I may as well respond to the others here

I like Doc Ocks arms I have been looking for a way to use them, the utensils on the the arms will change around as I or the story sees fit.

The rolling pin is one of my favorite props it's Victors' favored weapon and sometimes transforms into a mace like artifact. It has turned up a few times before. Just not as prominently as this (Victor fought Santa with it.)

On the catch up thanks I really love Iron Chef Japan and wanted to add as much as I could.

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